Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm Joining the Club

Lori, today I'm going to join you in the two-alarm club. For the second time in three days I turned off my alarm in my sleep (or semi-conscienceness). Wait, before you tell me to just move my alarm clock, I'd like to let you know that I already have to take about two steps to turn it off. Today I woke up at 9:38, which is a problem since I was supposed to open the store at 9:30!!! Hmmm, I guess I just don't have a choice anymore, two alarms here I come!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

So Excited!!!!

Ok, so I am ready to go back to school now. I wasn't, but just now I found out that I have my favorite professor (the best one I've ever had) for one of my classes. I thought that I'd have mostly terrible professors this semester, but now I only have one or two (actually possibly three, but I can pronounce one of the names, so I think that one will be ok). Yep, so I'm excited about school now!!! Three more days of work!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Life the Gong Show

I've posed this question before, and I had to wonder it again today: "Do you think God plays jokes on us?" I think I've decided what I think about that. I think the answer is yes... BUT not joking the the everyday sense (knock knock, whose there?...) I think God allows situations in our lives to remind us that we're not in control. Things happen, and you probably wouldn't have chosen them, but they're so ironic that there's no choice but to laugh. It's just too funny. No way would you have ever imagines in your funniest dreams that this would happen. You just have to laugh (so hard). That's how I think God plays jokes on us. When there's no way to explain these crazy situations, other than to laugh, and enjoy them. God reminds us that He's powerful, and has an imagination!!! Sorry if I'm being too vague, it's just really too funny.

Monday, August 22, 2005


I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was sitting outside reading a book, and I had the urge to stand up and spin. I know, it sounds really funny. I thought it kinda sounded stupid, but I couldn't shake the feeling, so I stood up and did a quick spin and sat back down, with a bit of a smile on my face. It felt like I was a child again, finding joy in a simple movement.

Later that evening, I was at my aunt's house, my family that was out visiting for a couple weeks was leaving, so everyone went there to say goodbye. Two of my cousins have daughters that are both three years old and they always play together and are pretty close. Anyway, all the adults were sitting in a circle chatting, and these two girls go and stand in the centre of the circle (oblivious to the fact that they're kinda in the way of people's conversations) and hold hands and started jumping up and down. They laughed. I forgot what a child's laugh sounded like, not a giggle, but a laugh that shows that they are truly enjoying themselves. Anyway they did this for a little while, and then they stopped, then both of them with their arms stretched out started spinning. Right there in the middle of the circle. They did this for quite a while. Their laughter filled the room. It was a beautiful sight. They would spin for a while, then stop and walk around banging into each other (they were pretty dizzy), and then start spinning again. And they laughed.

Watching the two girls I was reminded of myself earlier that day. I tried to find the verse I'm thinking of, but I can't find it, but the Bible talks about having faith like a child. Sorry, I'm kinda losing my train of thought here, but the point is that we're just really missing out on what God has planned for us, we really need to find that wonder, awe, and faith that a child has. Yes, there are problems in this world, but the world is still a beautiful place that God created us to enjoy, and who enjoys it more than a child?

Saturday, August 13, 2005

It Would Only Happen To Me

As if I hadn't done enough stupid things this week (if you don't know what I'm talking about, ask Holly or Phil, they will gladly tell you a very funny story about me) I have more to add to the collection.

I was working at the shoe store this afternoon, and this really tall guy comes up to the counter to pay for a pair of men's sandals and a purse. He looked like a nice guy, so I thought I'd make a little joke. I said: "Oh, good, you found a pair of sandals, but I'm guessing the purse isn't for you." The expected response was, "that's right, they're for my wife". But, that's definitely not what he said. He said "no, actually it's for me." I'm sure I had the most shocked expression on my face at that moment. What kinda guy would be buying a purse like that for himself? I was at a loss for words, and probably mumbled something like, "ok", and just started putting the sale through the till. If you thought that was embarrassing, don't forget, this is Kendra, it has to get worse.

The guy asks me what my name was, I said "Kendra" and he asked my last name, so I told him. He sticks out his hand to shake mine and says "nice to meet you Kendra, I'm Brian Pallister" At that point I think my face turned bright red and said "oh hi" (in a high pitched squeaky voice). Anyway, he went on to ask me if I worked full time there, and I told him I was going to school to be a science teacher, and he told me that he used to be a teacher (he told me where, but I can't remember). Yep, and that was about the whole conversation, but I was quite embarrassed that I had made a stupid joke to our MP about a purse and I sounded so retarded I'm sure. Oh, only I would do that. So you can laugh now. But, hay, I met Brian Pallister!!

Friday, August 12, 2005


It's funny how old issues can just pop up when you don't expect it. You think that you had gotten over it, but I guess not. Ignoring something is not dealing with the issue. I think I do that a lot. I think I ignore things and just hope and wait for it to go away. As much as I want ignorance to be the answer, it's not. Even the most stupid things, they just keep resurfacing. But, on the other hand maybe it's not my fault. The devil will just keep trying to pound lies into my head, and I need to constatntly give them to God. Maybe I can't help if they keep resurfacing, but I can let them bother me or not.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Funny Day

Today there were lots of funny things that happened. I had to go to the clinic this morning (to get the doc to look at my warts), but that's not the point, he walks in, and his shirt had the top couple buttons undone and he had tons of chest hair sticking out. I wanted to burst out laughing, I think he thought it looked good... but I think he's one of the doctors from a different country, so I can't blame him too much. Sorry if I'm offending any of you guys out there with tons of chest hair, don't worry, there definitely are girls out there that think it's attractive.

Anyway, the other funny thing I noticed when watching news. Sylvia (she's the weather woman, for you guys that don't watch the news...she's a little on the old side, and fairly stylish) anyway, she had a side pony tail!!!!! Don't worry it wasn't way on the side, but it was definitely there...for someone less that half her age it's probably stylish, but she's way too old. It was really funny. Sylvia in a side pony tail, I didn't think I'd ever see the day!!!