Friday, December 22, 2006

My Rant

Disclaimer: The following blog is a rant about how I hate automated answering machines and MTS. No one is at my house and I need to get this out.

So, after finally getting everything worked out with my former roommate and MTS, I was now able to change out MTS account to my name. Easy, you'd think, but no. I called and first you have to listen to some automated woman and press buttons until you find an option that involves talking to a real person. This is a next to impossible task since none of the options is what I want to do, so I just picked random ones...they can just transfer me later. After trying to find a person, getting lost with all the button-pressing, hanging up, and then trying again I finally was on hold to talk to someone. So I waited, and waited on hold and then I talked to some dude and he knew where to transfer me. So I was on hold again, to talk to the other dude. But, as soon as he was available something got messed up and they lost my call and it hung up on me! Now I was starting to get annoyed.

So I called back and talked to what sounded like a sweet old man, very nice, almost made me feel better. He knew exactly what was going on, that my roommate had called to give me permission to switch everything. He knew exactly what was going on. But, unfortunately he doesn't do all the switching, so he had to transfer me to some other guy. This guy put me over the edge of annoyed to angry. First of all he talked super quiet and I couldn't hear him (but I won't blame him for that). Then I told him what I wanted to do and he checked my account and told me that I didn't have permission to make the changes. Not true, I know better. So I said "well, the last guy I talked to knew that I had permission and said there was a note in my account to do this". I don't think he liked feeling like an idiot. So, I explained that we had already called and they told us we could get a bundle with internet/phone/cable for $67ish a month. Then he told me that it wasn't true and he had never heard of a bundle that cheap, and it should be at least $87ish. I just told him that's what we had been told. He didn't believe me. So I broke it down and told him what they had said each thing costs and that we didn't want long distance. So he said "oh, you don't want long distance, well, then it's $67, you didn't give me all the information". Excuse me, isn't that his job to ask! So instead he blames me, the customer, doesn't he know he's never supposed blame the customer!!! Who trained him!?! (sorry, I'm getting angry again). I'm switching all of our services to MTS and then he's angry at me, figure that out.

And I had asked to change it to mine and Lori's names so we don't have to go through this mess again if she needs to make changes, but he got annoyed again and said "oh yeah, we'll do that after" (after he asked me the stupid questions about the ceiling and how many tv's we have) and then, he never did it (I had forgotten to harass him about that again because I was angry).

Ok, I think that's all of my anger toward MTS. I feel a bit better now. I'll get over this anger and it will all be ok. Unfortunately now I have to call the government about my students loan, so I don't imagine it will be any more fun than MTS.


Blogger Rob Haslam said...

lol, kendra i think you captured the frustration in many mts subscribers.

i'm new to blogging but feel free to add me if you like.


8:21 p.m.  

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