Monday, November 06, 2006

Great Weekend

I am so tired. It's only Monday, and I'm exhausted. I think this is a problem.

Anyway... I had a great weekend. I don't usually have such a great time when I go to my parent's house for the weekend, but it was amazing! On friday me and my dad went to a hockey game. The Flyers were playing a team from Germany, it was really good. We sat on the German side and they were so rowdy and kept chanting in much fun. Then on Saturday my brother took me shooting (only bottles). He bought a new gun last week and he wanted to take me, and it was so much fun. I don't think I could shoot an actual animal, but I would really love to own my own gun one day, just for fun target practice. It was a pretty powerful gun too, can kill a bear. And that evening my parents rented a movie, so we hung out and watched that. Sunday, went to church, had some lunch and came back home early. Such a good time, and I didn't even hang out with anyone other than my parents! I'm pretty shocked actually.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm really glad!!

9:22 p.m.  
Blogger Holly said...

I want to shoot a gun!! and i'm sorry for being a bad friend.

11:04 a.m.  
Blogger Kendra said...

Why are you a bad friend? because you forgot I was home? It's not a big deal, I could have called you. And, when I own a gun, you can shoot it (but that might be a long time from now).

3:51 p.m.  

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