Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Rant - Part 2

Disclaimer: The following blog is about how much I continue to hate MTS and how confusing and annoying they are. If you don't want to hear me complain anymore about them, stop reading right now. I think this will be the last installment to this never-ending saga!

ok, so yesterday, my roommate that moved out (and MTS was in her name) called me because she got a letter from MTS saying that she was going to be billed for some stuff. I don't remember exactly what it said, but the point was that we were going to get cutoff unless we figure out our MTS account and switch names. BUT, I had already called to change names. Apparently the guy I spoke to didn't do that. So now, I'm pretty ticked off. I sat on the phone for so long because it's a stupid system...and then nothing happened! The guy didn't even do anything!

So, today I called MTS and explained the situation (I started off by telling this dude that it was going to take a while...he laughed at me. Apparently MTS workers just like to laugh at anything that people in my house say - I'm not sure how we should take that). So, I explained the situation and then he told me that I wasn't allowed to do anything and my roommate has to call MTS and make the change. At least this guy realized that I was getting pretty ticked off and frustrated and he was very nice to me (maybe that's the key to getting things done, just get a bit angry). I made sure to ask him exactly what my roommate should say, so that we knew for sure this would get done.

About five minutes after I hang up the phone with him, he calls back. He apologizes and tells me that he made a mistake and that I can actually make the changes. So we did all the stuff, and now hopefully it's all taken care of. I think he was the nicest person I talked to there. I don't care that he made a mistake, but at least he called me back to make it right. He almost made me hate MTS a little less...but then I think about all the other people I had to deal with, and no, I still hate MTS.


Blogger Holly said...

i loved your rant. for some reason companies like mts and credit card companies seem to be manned by idiots who can't/won't help anyone with anything properly. it sucks. but i'm glad you finally (hopefully!) got them to do what you wanted. have a great weekend!

8:33 a.m.  
Anonymous Kate said...

I also HATE mts. I have been on the phone with them three times now and none of them changed my credit card number on my accound. i'm beginning to think they are just taking my card number so they can go shopping with it. I am so angered by mts, talking with them for even five minutes ruins my entire day.

12:33 p.m.  

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