Monday, June 12, 2006

Yo-Yo Emotions

Since everything that I write has extreme emotions and the last one was sad, that must mean that this one is happy....and it is!!!!! For those of you that I haven't already told, I got into Education!!!! I'm super excited (but I'm trying to restrain myself and not write in all upper case letters) I just can't believe that I'm going to be starting my teaching stuff in september. I'm going to be done university in two years!! And I'm going to be a teacher!! soooooo excited!! Ok, I guess I shouldn't just keep repeating myself by saying that I'm excited. There was much jumping up and down.

ok, I'll try to say somthing else. A creepy old man hit on me today at work, infront of everyone, so I was definitely made fun of after that. He brought everyone doughnuts, but apparently I'll owe him a "small favour" for the food, ewwww creepy. Makes me want to gag. So I didn't eat a doughnut just to spite him! At least my friends from work were there and it wasn't me alone in my little office.

well, time to go!